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Welcome to The Wright Movement

Your one-stop for all things strength and cardio-related!


A system that allows you to pick your program based on your goals, experience level, and the time you have each week to train.

Group Coaching

1:1 Training + Coaching

Train on YOUR terms

These app-based group coaching options are perfect for anyone:

1. Who wants to be able to move between programs as you gain more experience or as your goals change.


2. Who wants a results-driven, scientific strength training approach to help them get stronger while building muscle.

3. Who wants strength and cardio in one place.

4. Who wants to improve their deadlift, squat, pull-ups, and pressing movements. 

5. Who wants to show up and lift without stressing over designing their program.

6. Who wants open and honest education and communication to help them find success.

Build + Condition

The Build + Condition program is an excellent option for anyone who:


  • Has at least one year of experience lifting with a barbell.

  • Wants to focus on getting stronger and building muscle.

  • Wants to improve aerobic capacity.

  • Wants to improve their squat, deadlift, bench, and pull-ups.

  • Wants an adjustable strength training program done at a self-progressed pace with access to Gina through the group forums.


Build + Condition includes three (3) weekly lifts: upper/lower splits and one full-body. Each split takes 1-1.5 hours to complete. There is also one weekly 15-25 minute HIIT and/or Metcon workout. A new block is introduced every four (4) weeks.

*This is not in-person or virtual group coaching.


Functional Fitness 

The Functional Fitness program is perfect for anyone who:


  • Has at least six (6) months of experience lifting (barbell experience recommended, not required)

  • Loves taking group classes (yoga, Pilates, Barre) and wants to pair them with structured strength training done at a self-progressed pace with access to Gina through the group forums.

  • Has limited access to equipment or a gym.


Functional Fitness includes three (3) weekly lifts: upper, lower, and full-body. Each lift takes around 30-40 minutes to complete. Additionally, there is one weekly (optional) 15-25 minute Metcon or HIIT. A new block is introduced every four (4) weeks. 


*This is not in-person or virtual group coaching.


Personalized Training + Coaching

A personalized 1:1 training and coaching option is available for anyone who prefers a 100% customized program with specific strength, conditioning, and muscle goals in mind. This option includes:

  • Elite-level coaching for anyone who wants extra accountability and support.

  • One weekly structured check-in with additional direct 1:1 access to Gina through the app. 

  • One 30-minute virtual check-in each block.

  • A focus on nutrition to fuel your workouts, behavior change, and form analysis feedback.

  • A push/pull/upper/lower/full body split (depending on goals).

  • A new training block every 4-6 weeks (depending on goals).

Apply for 1:1 Training and Coaching HERE!​

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