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Hi! I'm Gina, and I'm happy you are here. I believe that the human body is inherently strong and adaptable. Consequently, everything I teach is deeply rooted in how incredible the human body is. I am fascinated with all of its potential. My mission is to help women feel empowered through yoga, running, strength and conditioning. Whether you are in your 20s or 30s and newer to lifting and cardio, or you're currently navigating the journey of peri- or postmenopause, I am here to help you face your fears surrounding lifting heavy. I want to help you chase your goals and celebrate what you are capable of! If you are ready to fall in love with movement (or back in love), I am here for it!

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Experience a new way of moving your body and engaging your tissues, which will help you perform everyday functions better and more efficiently. 

Re-discover your body while building strength and flexibility and improving joint health.

Improve your body awareness and motor control for better balance and movement variations.

Appreciate training with your physiology, not against it.

Learn how to understand AND manage pain. 

Feel empowered and confident in your everyday movements.

More about Gina

I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an ERYT-500 yoga instructor. I started strength training and running at 16, fell in love with them, and have not looked back. As a strength and conditioning coach (NSCA CSCS), I have helped hundreds of women build strong bodies and healthy lifestyles. This includes women brand-new to strength training and cardio and those looking to rekindle their love of the barbell and endurance training. I am passionate about science-based exercise and nutrition and how I can blend the two into my training and coaching to empower my clients. Keeping current on women's metabolism research (Master's program) has helped my clients become their strongest, healthiest versions throughout the many phases of life they experience. I strive to continue my education to keep growing and give my clients the tools to build and maintain their fitness.  

Other educational training currently influencing my classes and 1:1 training:

Eastern Oregon University - BS Exercise Science

Chris Beardsley - Strength & Conditioning Mentorship 

Integrated Kinetic Neurology - Level 1 +2

Cor-Kinetic - Pain Science Mentorship


Greg Lehman - Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science 

Jules Mitchell Yoga Biomechanics - 300 hr YTT

Jason Crandell Yoga Method - 300 hr YTT

Precision Nutrition - Level 1

UESCA - Running Coach Certification

Dr. Stacy Sims - Women Are Not Small Men and Menopause 2.0

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