Life is constantly evolving. Is your movement?

Gina believes that the human body is inherently strong and adaptable. This leads her to teach with an emphasis on loading. Her movement approach draws from a wide range of modalities - yoga, pilates, resistance training, strength and conditioning and somatic movement. Gina's teaching perspective encourages motor control learning and nervous system regulations to help reinforce the idea that there is no right way or one way to move. Gina's teaching style focuses on finding ease through deliberate intent and effort. Her passion intends to help you perform everyday movements and lifts with confidence. Working with Gina will allow you the opportunity to observe and analyze each experience without judgement, shift your perspective regarding pain, become stronger and gain a deeper awareness of how you move.



Imagine a program uniquely designed for your specific needs + goals. A program that will help you experience a NEW way of moving and understanding your body. This could include performing everyday functions better by learning new patterns or re-learning "lost" patterns. 

Re-discover your body while building strength, increasing joint health + mobility. 

Improve your body awareness and motor control for better balance and movement variations.


Learn to understand AND manage pain. 


Feel empowered + confident in your everyday movements.


My classes are open to anyone curious about their movement potential. These classes are designed to help you build strength and gain functional control over your end ranges of motion. At times we may challenge the traditionally taught asanas and exercises to discover how perception shapes our movements and intent. You will finish class feeling empowered and connected to your mind and body with a newfound love as a movement optimist.


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Quality programing designed just for you! 60 minute personal training (1:1) sessions can help build physical and neurological strength around fundamental movement patterns, specific needs, plyometric training and injury rehabilitation.