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Lindsey F.

"I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway which included 

three personal training sessions with Gina a few years ago. I felt physically pushed and motivated by Gina's professional yet personable style, and I never felt unsure about the complex

movements and lifts I was learning with her support. Gina gave me valuable feedback during our sessions to improve my compound lifts like cleans, deadlifts and back squats, which I never would've had the courage to attempt before. It is not easy to begin the journey of heavy lifting but I can say that Gina genuinely instilled a sense of confidence in me with her explanations of anatomy and body mechanics. Years later, I still seek her out when I have questions." 

Alyse N.

"I'm so grateful for Gina and how motivating and spunky she is when she is teaching yoga, pilates and strength classes. I love that she has such an appreciate and tremendous knowledge on how the body, its muscles and joints, work cohesively when we are getting out workout on. I find my body craving her yoga classes when I haven't had them in awhile. I also 

appreciate her concern for each individual in the class, as we are all unique with different bodies and certain limitations or past injuries. She always gives options to modify movements. Thank you Gina for everything. I truly appreciate all your workouts! You are awesome!"

Kenzie K.

"I am not one that normally feels comfortable walking into a new class but the first time I attended Gina's yoga class I felt instantly at home. Gina has an energy about her that makes you want to be undeniably yourself. I never thought that yoga could be such a genuinely enjoyable kind of movement. I never thought I would have smiled, laughed and relaxed so much. I now make sure that her class is a permanent part of my week. Just by talking with her you can see her passion for the body and its movement. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands that every body is different, requiring

different movements."

Jennifer W.

"Gina is an amazing trainer! She was able to work with my concerns and physical limitations to make workouts safe but still challenging and FUN. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

Paula B.

"Every class I take with Gina is incredible. Her energy fills the room and gets you motivated no matter how you are feeling. She always made me feel comfortable.

Prepare to have fun and be challenged!"

Lynn B.

"My daughter and I worked out together and were lucky to have Gina as our trainer. She addressed all of our goals, while making it fun. If you want results and are ready to put in the work I highly 

recommend Gina!"

Elizabeth E.

"Gina's classes are so good. She always engages us in something new and different. I love that she is studying biomechanics and she thinks about

the body physics as she teaches us. Really great."

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