30 Day Commitment: Online + In-person

September 15 - October 10

*Participation is limited to Ten (10) people. 

Two weekly 45 minute STRENGTH* sessions (social distancing every Tuesday + Thursday @ 5.30p) focused on building tolerance + endurance. We will utilize different forms of resistance training while concentrating on movements we do in our everyday life: squatting, stooping, lifting, lunging, push/pull, reaching, twisting.  

One weekly 20 minute MOBILITY* workout via website. Video will be uploaded on Monday each week.

One weekly 20 minute HIIT* workout via website. Video will be uploaded on Wednesday each week.

One weekly 60 minute YOGA* class (social distancing every Saturday @ 9a) to bookmark the week with a sweet reset. 

One 3o minute 1:1 meeting (via zoom) can be scheduled before September 15th to organize and prioritize other goals YOU would like to focus on OR it can be used during week two as a more in-depth check-in. Whatever you think will best serve you during this 30 Day Commitment. 

This COMMITMENT includes morning accountability check-ins + evening reflection check-ins with me via text or email. Of course anyone can opt out of the check-ins..........but you will be missing out!

Forming happy + healthy SELF-CARE habits STARTS here!





*Please note: for anyone who opts out of Strength + Yoga in-person (social distancing) sessions - recordings will be uploaded to 30 Day Commitment page within 24 hours of in-person session. In the effort of keeping our COMMITMENT + ACCOUNTABILITY - recordings of Strength + Mobility + HIIT + Yoga will be available for 24 hours.